Capital Legal Group PA (“CLG”) is a prominent boutique securities law firm providing sophisticated and cutting edge transactional, regulatory, compliance and enforcement services to financial institutions all over the world. Founded by a former SEC and FINRA attorney, CLG serves clients with the optimal and most pragmatic legal advice in all matters involving the securities industry. We have an in-depth understanding of government regulatory and enforcement priorities as well as client priorities from a cost and operational perspective. We leverage our experience and our firm’s entrepreneurial and business-savvy culture, to problem solve for financial institutions in a variety of legal situations.

One of the key factors that separates CLG from other firms is our specialized knowledge of the regulatory framework and ability to stay ahead of the trends in the ever changing financial markets in order to service our clients’ needs. We stay informed of these developments and the impact that these changes have on our clients’ business. Our approach to dealing with new developments and emerging issues is to work directly with regulatory authorities and industry experts to structure practical solutions. We understand that developments in the securities markets and legal landscape require the attention of attorneys with the skill and experience to be proactive rather than reactive.

CLG was established out of a desire to directly service a select clientele of small and middle market firms by providing a complete solution to their compliance and legal needs relating to their securities business. Clients no longer have to engage multiple service providers to solve their problems. Clients come to us and we handle all of their legal and compliance work.

We provide our clients with the experience and sophistication of a large top-tier firm but with the personalized focus and hands-on attention only a boutique firm can offer. Our mission is to exceed client expectations by innovative advocacy and passionate representation finely tailored to each client.